"If you are looking for a viable online business you can start in Nigeria and start making money?

Then you will want to read the information below!!!"

written by Izuchukwu Chikwendu | Decebmer 22, 2020

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I found an Online business  that many Nigerians have been making extra income from. Below i will share with you what its all about.

I wish to tell you a little about my online business journey. I am one Nigerian that really spends quality time on the internet i can tell you that i spend an average of 15 hours and above daily on the internet.

It has benefited me immensely because as a Tech person i learn alot online, and with the advent of the Covid pandemic i do my official jobs online while i also enjoy social media, join webinars, attend Church services, watch movies you just name it. I am your regular internet enthusiast.

One day i heard someone say that any activity you spend most of your time on should be making you money. You may or may not agree with this statement but it really got me thinking.

I told my self that with the hours i spend on the internet it only makes sense that i join those making money from it.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of making money while sleeping or getting alerts while on vacation. At least i would have a chance to discover how true this was.

This has lead me to engaging in a number of internet businesses successfully and otherwise since then.

However i wish to introduce you to a Simple internet business I found...

  • ​It is a business called Chop40k which was launched in June 2020 and controlled by J Cyber Technologies, an enlisted organization in CAC with number BN3058361.

  • Chop40k is essentially a subsidiary systems administration business made for genuine individuals who are prepared to work and acquire some extra cash. Chop40k is open to any eligible Nigerian to join.

  • You register to join with a fee of 2500 Naira (bronze level) and are given an e-product worth 10500 (NOT FOR SELLING) but i has information that  will teach you how to go about many online businesses such as: Earning at least $100 daily through Bitcoin, How to create a Clickbank account in Nigeria and how to earn $250 through it, and many other businesses.

How you earn directly on this website

Viewing and Sharing Ads: When you register on your dashboard you will have access to view adverts and share adverts on social media and you are paid for it.
Surveys: On your dashboard you will have access to survey which you will fill and get paid afterwards.
Referrals: When you refer people to join or signup using your referral link you earn 2000 naira per person. This is a unique offer let me explain:

"When you have paid the ₦2,500, you will be in Bronze stage, at this stage, initially, the framework will give you free ₦2,500 as a welcome reward for signing up in this stage, four referred associates will pay you ₦2000 individually, which gives you ₦8000, when you get it, you will be encouraged to Upgrade to Silver with ₦5000 from the benefit in Bronze to the Silver level"

"When you enter the silver level, ten referrals will pay you ₦4000 each, which gives you ₦40,000 , when you have arrived at this level, you will move to the recovery page and claim every one of your earnings from ₦40,000 and more!!! "

This process barely takes a week in most cases to complete, once you have redeemed, you will be out from the affiliate income to start over again.

NB: The income stated here may be more or less depending on the willingness of the member to work and this is not a get rich quick scheme. It is an online job and you work to earn.

But you do not need to worry the work you will do is basically more or less what you casually do on the internet daily as you will discover.

Who can benefit from this opportunity?

Any Nigerian can benefit, students, workers ( I still have my 9-5 job), men, women of different works of life tech savvy or not the processes are  basic enough for anyone who can operate a smart phone or PC  to navigate. 
But don't just take my words for it

Izuchukwu Chikwendu

I am an IT Security Engineer. In my spare time, I love to research about viable online or Internet businesses to engage in and  to guide Nigerians on the limitless legitimate opportunities online.

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