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Friday, April 23rd, 2021

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The number one Affiliate Network in Nigeria

This is one of my best business models. In case you do not know what affiliate marketing is,  its has to do with you marketing products that you do not own and getting commissions from the product owners when sold. This is a global business model but i will focus on the leading one in Nigeria.  On this site you can make as much as 20000 -25000 naira or more on a single sale and payouts happen straight to your Nigerian bank account every friday. Now the products you will be selling are tested and trusted products from experts so you do not need to worry about not selling good products.This plaform is called the "Expertnaire Affiliate Network" Click here to access a free video which will tell you more details and training for you to get started. 

Do you need traffic for your online Business?

The only way you can make sales online is if you have traffic coming your way. As you may have observed, the internet is busy with so many shiny objects ranging from social media, news, sports, business etc all struggling for the traffic  from their target audience.

If you must make sales or be known online or even do business you must master the art of traffic generation either by buying the traffic or proper ads that drive  traffic to your content.

To join a FREE Traffic Mentoring group and become a Traffic expert Click Here!!

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap

What do you think about the E-Commerce business in Nigeria? 

The Covid 19 pandemic has no doubt dealth heavy blows on different businesses.

The international boarder closures and lockdown of economies has made most things come to a halt. So i thought until i stumbled on a report of a  famous drinks company in lagos who said they got 300% increase in orders online during the lockdown.

A boom in logistics business was looming. It occured to me that in the world of business 1+1 is not always as equal to 2 as we expect on paper. To access a brief report on my findings on the Nigerian Ecommerce business and  a free video training by  an Expert who  can get you started on Ecommerce

 Click Here!!.

 The Joy of a Successfull freelance career

Searched for a job Unsuccessfully? Why not try freelancing?

I discovered early enough that joblessness is not always a result of lack of skill. There are many jobless skilled people whoa re jobless because, they either do not value their skill enough to offer it as a service or they do not understand the business of their skill. 

Some understand that their skill is valuable but they lack self confidence to offer their services.  However there are those who understand their skill, work at developing it daily, launch the business of the skill and make money online. Sounds interesting right? Now will you be willing to take the chance to learn from an expert?

If your answer is YES then click the YES button below to access a free video training by a freelance expert.

In a busy internet world, how can you attract real customers online?

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Affiliate Marketing Series

The Digital Economy is Here to Stay, World events continue pointing in that direction. The question is are you positioning your self to be a partaker? 


Free Video reveals how a young Nigerian hit ₦739,500 in 12 days as an Affilate Marketer.


Send an Email to biz@OptionsNg.com with the online business of your choice and we will reply you with recommended experts to give you the best headstart.

Do you wish to Immigrate to Canada even though you do not have a degree, or High IELTS score?

I am an internet enterprenuer and online business researcher. I literally spend time researching online businesses to both benefit from them  and also connect others to experts in the field. I believe that there are alot of legitimate business opportunities online for anyone who is interested in learning and working at it.OptionsNg exists to expose these Legitimate businesses and connect you to the best identifed ways to get started.

- Izuchukwu

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